Contract transport

Are you not keen to invest in a fleet yourself? Then outsource it to Daroni Logistics and keep your own company image focused on your main mission.

Contingency for your company

Investing in your own fleet is a major risk for an entrepreneur. The high costs and the labor hours that go into such an extension often do not go unnoticed. Therefore choose certainty and outsource the transport of your goods. Outsource your transport to Daroni Logistics and you can focus on your own company. We remove the risk for you and provide an efficient and cheap way of operating your logistics jobs.

Maintain your own corporate image

Are you afraid of losing your corporate image when outsourcing your transport? That is absolutely not necessary. We can choose, together with you, to put your name on one of our vans. The Daroni Logistics logo may be present, but the focus is entirely on the logo of your company. In agreement with you, we can then decide what is best so as not to lose your own corporate image.

As an example

You started selling handmade furniture a year ago, but you do not yet have the option to deliver your customers’ orders. You can choose to send it via the “regular” mail deliverer, but confidence in such services is not optimal. In addition and moreover, it does not benefit the reputation of your brand. Setting up a fleet yourself is also not an option due to the high costs.

At Daroni Logistics you get the opportunity to have your brand name clearly recognizable on the transport van. In addition, we can offer you the assurance that your products will always be handled professionally and economically. Our experienced staff are trained to deliver your shipment in a personalized way. You no longer have to worry about transporting your products. Daroni Logistics relieves you of unnecessary work and costs.